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Block Classic Target 22[BLOCK45543]

Block Classic Target 22

Block Classic Target 22[BLOCK45543]

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The original BLOCK® Target introduced open-layered design, which stopped arrows with friction, not force. This simple, yet revolutionary concept changed archery forever and is still available in the BLOCK® CLASSIC™ line of targets. Size: 22"x22"x16". Weighs 21 pounds. 

• The original open-layered archery target, The BLOCK® changed the way we all practice!
• The heat generated by the friction caused as the arrow slides between layers literally grabs and stops the arrow. This heat quickly dissipates, releasing the arrow!
• The first archery target to offer both easy arrow removal and long target life, regardless of arrow tip!
• Allows you to shoot broadheads/expandables all year long
• Field Tips
• Broadheads
• Expandables

Mfg Number: B51300 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: NOTE***   This item is not able to ship International due to the Weight!  DO NOT ORDER...***

UPC: 702649513001