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BloodSport Apocalypse Arrow 6Pk.[BSA66834]

BloodSport Apocalypse Arrow 6Pk.

BloodSport Apocalypse Arrow 6Pk.[BSA66834]


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BloodSport Apocalypse Arrow 6Pk.

At BloodSport® we take our archery seriously.  Unlike most of the sawed-off, ground-down adult arrows sold to youth, we designed the Apocalypse from the outset for lower poundage bows.  Specifically engineered for a draw weight up to 55 pounds, the Apocalypse shoots much more accurately.

At an incredibly light 6.5 grains per inch (super fast), and utilizing our special carbon wrapping process (bomb proof), the Apocalypse is the perfect arrow for young archers.  We installed a professional grade, aircraft aluminum insert loaded with target tips, so you can just pull the arrows out of the box and shoot.  Once your aim is perfected, just unscrew the tip and thread in your favorite broadhead for serious hunting situations.

Specs: Arrow length 28", 6.5 grains per inch, 500 spine, aluminum insert installed, 100 grain target tip included, 2" high velocity vanes.

Sold in 6 packs.

Mfg Number: 0218630-06

If you would like the arrows cut and /or inserts installed see options. Correct arrow/shaft length is measured from the throat (String hole) of the nock to the end of the bare shaft, not including point or insert. See Picture Here of the arrow/shaft measurement.