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AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest[25380]

AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest

AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest[25380]

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AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest.

Increase Speed and Accuracy! AMS Wave Rest Reduces Friction which Increases Arrow Speed! Abrasion Free! Celcon Roller prevents Arrow Wear! Arrow Control! Swing Shooting is a Breeze! This brand new innovation joins the AMS Channel Rest to provide one of the best bowfishing arrow rest choices on the market. The AMS Wave Rest provides stability for maximum arrow control while swing shooting. And more, the spinning roller provides additional arrow control during the shot and reduces wear on the arrow shaft. The AMS Wave Rest allows for simple, perfect center shot adjustment and is as rugged and durable as the rest of the AMS Bowfishing line of products.

Mfg Number: M151

UPC: 645756151004