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Bowhunters Superstore Shipping rates explained

International Orders: A $30.00 flat rate is collected for shipment on any international orders. Actual shipping cost is based on the weight and dimensions of the package. After processing, the customer is responsible for any additional shipping cost before order is released. Shipping costs do not include any Customs fees, taxes or duties due at the time of delivery. Customer is responsible for any/all fees/taxes. Please note, we are unable to change the declared value of the package.

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US Protectorates: You may also incur an additional charge for shipping, depending on the final weight and dimensions of the package. We will contact you for any balance due before releasing the package.

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Pricing and Specification

Bowhunters Superstore recognizes incorrect product specifications and/or pricing errors can occur and reserves the right to cancel any order that involves inaccuracies, unforeseen inventory deficits, jurisdiction restrictions, quantity limitations, fraud prevention measures and/or any other reason that prohibits a lawful merchandise transaction. Customers will be contacted should any such issue occur and reimbursement will be readily issued as applicable. Pricing for products may be different on the Bowhunters Superstore Website versus Bowhunters Superstore Proshop.

  •  Product prices and specifications are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.
  •  Typographic, photographic, descriptive and/or pricing errors are subject to correction. Not all products are available in all areas due to country, state, or local laws.
  •  We reserve the right to limit product quantities.
  •  Products purchased before or after a sales event are not eligible for reimbursement.
  •  Prices quoted in US Currency.

1 x AMS Big Game Chaos BreakAway Point Only with tie Off Hole - 5/16"
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 50yd Blaze Orange, 200lb.
1 x AMS Meat Hook, T-Shaped Gaff
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 350# Braided Spectra, White 35 yds.
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 640# Fast Flight, White 20 yds.
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 25yd Chartreuse/Neon Yellow, 200lb.
1 x AMS Chaos Bowfishing Point
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 450# Fast Flight, White 50 yds.
1 x AMS Big Game Pro Retriever Only, 400# Line Right Hand
1 x AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Fiberglass Arrow Shaft with Ankor FX
1 x AMS E-Rad Bowfishing Bow 30-60 lbs. RH
1 x Bohning BlazerWrap Carbon Shaft, Yellow Rusted Flame HD, 4" 12Pk
1 x AMS Ankor QT Bowfishing Point
1 x AMS Bowfishing Ring sets, 22/64" Arrows, 10 pk.
1 x AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Fiberglass Arrow Shaft with Chaos® P
1 x AMS Fiberglass Pink Arrow w/Chaos Point & Safety Slide
1 x Apex Reactor Quiver 5 Arrow Realtree Xtra
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 25yd Blaze Orange, 200lb.
1 x AMS Cyclone Tip.
1 x AMS Ankor FX Bolt Point 22/64
1 x Bohning 4" Killer Vanes Pink, 100pk.
1 x AMS Bowfishing Ring sets, 5/16" Arrows, 10pk.
1 x AMS Lighted Nocks Red 3Pk.
1 x Bohning Blazer Tiger ArroWraps 4" For Small Carbon Shafts - Pink & White Tiger, 12Pk.
1 x AMS Fiberglass Arrow White w/Chaos Point & Safety Slide
1 x AMS Bowfishing Traditional Bow Bowfishing Mount
1 x AMS Crossbow Carp Kit RH
1 x Bohning BlazerWrap Small Carbon Shaft, Hot Pink Flame HD, 4" 12Pk.
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 350# Braided Spectra, White 70 yds.
1 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 640# Fast Flight, White 40 yds.
1 x AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Fiberglass Arrow Shaft with Ankor QT
1 x BCY 24 D Loop Rope 1 meter Pink
1 x BCY Spectra Serving Black .008 150 yards
1 x Bohning #24 Poly Loop Rope, Flo Green.
1 x BCY 24 D-Loop Material Flo Orange/Black 1m
1 x BCY ''D'' Loop Rope Bulk 2mm x 100' Black
1 x 30-06 Snot Lube for Crossbows 3Pk.
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