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Copper John Afterburner Rheostat Light[CJ70825]

Copper John Afterburner Rheostat Light

Copper John Afterburner Rheostat Light[CJ70825]

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Purple light that screws into the sight guard on all Copper John sights, intensifies the brightness of the fiber optic material in the pins, does NOT come with the bracket (Item CJ34098), standard AfterBurner light is included on the entire Dead Nuts 3 sight line, a bracket is required to mount it onto the Mark II, III, and IV and is included with these sights, the Saxon, Gravedancer, and Mark I do not require the bracket for light use, new in 2014 is a true rheostat (not a multi-position circuit) version of the light, thread size is 3-8 x 32.

Mfr. # 01138

UPC: 692026011384