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AMS Safety Slide Kit for 22/64" Blue 5 Pack[AMSM1415BLU]

AMS Safety Slide Kit for 22/64\" Blue 5 Pack

AMS Safety Slide Kit for 22/64" Blue 5 Pack[AMSM1415BLU]

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AMS Safety Slide Kit for 22/64" Blue 5 Pack.

When used properly, AMSBowfishing's Safety Slide System will ensure that your fish line will not tie itself to the bowstring, which is the cause of deadly arrow snap-back. Here's how it works: The slide is installed over the arrow shaft. Tie your line to the slide. When the bow is drawn, the slide and line stay in front of the bow and arrow rest. When released, the arrow will move through the slide to the "shock" pad and stop screw taking your fish line to your fish. -Easily assembled to your bowfishing arrows. -Made of high-impact glass-filled material. It is tough! -Splines inside the slide eliminate dirt and sand problems. -Urethane "shock" pad prevents impact damage to the slide. -Line can be tied to trail the arrow nearly dead-on-center, offering near perfect arrow flight. -Fish line is protected from abrasive fish scales by a molded grove on the exterior of the slide. -The slide will help prevent shooting through fish. -Strong enough for the largest fish. Several 100# plus fish have been harvested with this system, including a 250 pound, 8 foot shark. -Recommended for arrow speeds of 145fps or less.

Pack includes: Safety Slides, Shock Pads, Shock Pad Bushings and Screws.

Mfg Number: M141-5 BLU