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Shipping & Returns

This map illustrates typical delivery times for ground packages.

Please call 1-800-745-4296 for shipping questions or email us at:

Shipping rates are based off of the subtotal of merchandise on your order. Additional shipping costs may be required for oversized items, or orders being shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO, Puerto Rico, Guam or any other US Protectorates.

Order Amount Ground 2-3 Day Express
$.01 - $25.00 5.95 15.95
$25.01 - $75.00 7.50 17.95
$75.01 - $100.00 9.95 19.95
$100.01 - $200.00 11.95 25.95
$200.01 & Over 14 .95 29.95

2-3 Day Express Shipping
Orders received before 9 AM EST will be shipped out the same business day, if stock is available. When selecting the option for 2-3 Day Express during checkout, you should expect to receive your package within 2-3 business days. Additional shipping costs for oversize items sometimes required. Please contact us for more information/rates at 800-745-4296.

*Customized arrow and shaft orders may delay shipping by approximately 2-3 business days. This includes express orders.

Certain items are subject to additional shipping charges dependent on weight, dimensions, and delivery destination. These items include, but are not limited to, treestands, targets, bow cases, heavy items, etc. For estimated shipping rates, contact us via email at or call 800-745-4296..

A $30.00 flat rate is collected for shipment on any international orders. Actual shipping cost is based on the weight and dimensions of the package. After processing, the customer is responsible for any additional shipping cost before order is released.

While products may vary, below is a general list of estimated shipping weights.
• 1 lb. - Small items such as nocks, vanes, feathers, strings, broadheads, scents, etc.
• 2 lbs. - Sights, releases, gloves, points, broadheads, scents, etc.
• 3-4 lbs. - Shafts, some quivers, bow vises, etc.
• 4 lbs. - Bow vises.
• 5 lbs. - Arrows.
• 9 lbs. - Average bow packages.
• 12 lbs. - Arrow saws.
• 12 lbs. - Average crossbow package.

Shipping costs do not include any Customs fees or duties due at the time of delivery. Customer is responsible for any/all fees.

Below are approximate shipping costs for several countries, although we do ship to every country. For any additional inquiries regarding international shipping rates, contact us via email at or call 717-432-8944.

We recommend insurance for your order. If you elect not to get insurance, Bowhunters Superstore will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged packages. The cost for insurance is $2.00 per $100.00 worth of merchandise. The minimum insurance amount is $2.00.

Return requests may be made within 30 days of the date of delivery. A request to return the item may be made by emailing or calling 800-745-4296 Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM EST.

Customers returning items may request a refund, an exchange, or credit towards a future purchase.

All returns are subject to inspection upon delivery.

While we strive for customer satisfaction, safety is also a priority to us. Because of this, some items are not returnable. See non-returnable section below.

Please follow the following directions to return an item:
1. Contact our Customer Care department for a return authorization number.
2. Include in the package a note containing the following information: RA number, name, address, telephone number, reason for return, and desired solution (refund, exchange, etc.).
3. Customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. In the event of error on behalf of Bowhunters Superstore, a standard return shipping label will be provided via email. Return address is as follows: RETURNS DEPARTMENT, Bowhunters Superstore, 1045 Zeigler Road, Wellsville, PA 17365.
4. Returns will be processed and/or refunded within 48 hours of receipt. Refund does not include original shipping cost.

Non-Returnable Items Bows, crossbows, treestands, safety harnesses, climbing sticks, mouth calls, scents & scent elimination products, and optics. Other non-returnable items include, but are not limited to, custom arrows or shafts, any items that have been used or damaged by the customer, and any item that has been mounted or shows signs of use. All manufacturers factory packaging must be included and in re-sellable condition.

Manufacturers Warranty* Please Read
Most, if not all, of the merchandise we sell is covered by the manufacturer factory warranty.

For any defective item or one that requires warranty work, please contact the manufacturer for further instructions. We will be happy to assist you by providing the phone number and/or email address for the manufacturer.

Bowhunters Superstore return policy is strict to protect our customers.


4 x AMS Ankor QT Bowfishing Point
5 x AMS Bowfishing Ring sets, 22/64" Arrows, 10 pk.
11 x AMS Fiberglass Pink Arrow w/Chaos Point & Safety Slide
4 x AMS Bowfishing Ring sets, 5/16" Arrows, 10pk.
8 x AMS Lighted Nocks Red 3Pk.
2 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 350# Braided Spectra, White 70 yds.
8 x AMS Big Game Pro Retriever Only, 400# Line Right Hand
8 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 640# Fast Flight, White 20 yds.
7 x Bohning 2" Blazer Vanes True Color Red Rusted Flame, 100 Pk.
1 x AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Fiberglass Arrow Shaft with Ankor FX
6 x AMS E-Rad Bowfishing Bow 30-60 lbs. RH
5 x Dead Down Wind Evolve 3 Field Spray, 24oz.
4 x AMS Big Game Chaos BreakAway Point Only with tie Off Hole - 5/16"
2 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 50yd Blaze Orange, 200lb.
8 x Easton AC Pro Side 10" Black Stabilizer
4 x AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Fiberglass Arrow Shaft with Chaos® P
4 x AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest
4 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 25yd Blaze Orange, 200lb.
12 x AMS Cyclone Tip.
5 x Apex Gear DoubleDown String Silencer 6.2oz Pink 4pk
5 x Bohning BlazerWrap Carbon Shaft, Hot Pink Flame HD, 4" 12Pk.
8 x Bear Archery Scout Bow Set RH/LH 16-24" 8-13#.
8 x Bohning 4" Killer Vanes Pink, 100pk.
4 x Bohning Blazer Tiger ArroWraps 4" For Small Carbon Shafts - Pink & White Tiger, 12Pk.
10 x AMS Retriever Pro w/200# Braided Dacron Line Left Hand
5 x AMS Fiberglass Arrow White w/Chaos Point & Safety Slide
8 x AMS Bowfishing Traditional Bow Bowfishing Mount
2 x AMS Crossbow Carp Kit RH
8 x AMS Ankor FX Point 5/16"
8 x AMS Muck Buster Line Puller
5 x Bohning BlazerWrap Small Carbon Shaft, Hot Pink Flame HD, 4" 12Pk.
5 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 640# Fast Flight, White 40 yds.
1 x AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Cored Fiberglass Arrow Shaft with Ankor QT
11 x AMS Meat Hook, T-Shaped Gaff
8 x Coleman 40% Deet Insect Repellent 6oz. Aerosol
4 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 25yd Chartreuse/Neon Yellow, 200lb.
6 x AMS Bowfishing Line, 350# Braided Spectra, White 35 yds.
9 x AMS Chaos Bowfishing Point
4 x AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Bolt w/Chaos Point
8 x Bohning 2" Blazer Vanes True Color Red Rusted Flame, 36 Pk.
5 x AMS Retriever Pro Combo Kit RH 200# line
7 x QuietKat Apex 10 SS Charcoal 19" Frame
11 x QuietKat Quantum 10 Charcoal 17" Frame
10 x QuietKat Apex 10 Charcoal 19" Frame
6 x QuietKat Ranger 10 Camo 17" Frame
3 x Bohning 2" Blazer Vanes True Color Blue Rusted Flame, 36 Pk.
11 x Carbon Express GameSlayer Aluminum Crossbolt 20" Moon/Flat Factory Fletched w/ 4" Vanes, 6pk.
3 x QuietKat Quantum 10 Charcoal 19" Frame
8 x QuietKat Apex 7.5 Camo 17" Frame
6 x Bohning BlazerWrap Carbon Shaft, Yellow Rusted Flame HD, 4" 12Pk
5 x QuietKat Ranger 10 Camo 19" Frame
7 x QuietKat Fat Tire RidgeRunner 7.5 Charcoal 17" Frame
7 x QuietKat Apex 15 Camo 17" Frame
7 x QuietKat Apex 7.5 Charcoal 17" Frame
7 x Apex Reactor Quiver 5 Arrow Realtree Xtra
8 x QuietKat Fat Tire RidgeRunner 7.5 Charcoal 19" Frame
4 x AMS Ankor FX Bolt Point 22/64
10 x C-EZ Reflective Wrap Pigman
7 x QuietKat Apex 15 Charcoal 17" Frame
7 x QuietKat Apex 7.5 Charcoal 19" Frame
12 x Dead Ringer Rampage 2 Blade Broadhead 1 1/2in BH 100gr 3pk
5 x QuietKat Fat Tire RidgeRunner 10 Charcoal 17" Frame
2 x QuietKat Apex 15 Camo 19" Frame
7 x QuietKat Apex 10 Camo 17" Frame
9 x QuietKat Apex 10 SS Charcoal 17" Frame
3 x QuietKat Ranger 7.5 Camo 17" Frame
6 x QuietKat Fat Tire RidgeRunner 10 Charcoal 19" Frame
6 x Carbon Express Maxima Jr Arrows 28 in. 3050 2 in. Vanes 6 pk.
6 x QuietKat Apex 10 Charcoal 17" Frame
9 x QuietKat Apex 7.5 Camo 19" Frame
7 x QuietKat Apex 10 SS Camo 19" Frame
9 x QuietKat Ranger 10 Charcoal 17" Frame
9 x QuietKat Ranger 7.5 Camo 19" Frame
10 x QuietKat Quantum 7.5 Charcoal 17" Frame
6 x QuietKat Ranger 10 Charcoal 19" Frame
9 x QuietKat Ranger 7.5 Charcoal 17" Frame
9 x QuietKat Apex 10 SS Camo 17" Frame
10 x Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets Natural Woods 15 pk.
3 x QuietKat Quantum 7.5 Charcoal 19" Frame
4 x Carbon Express Launch Pad Lighted Crossbow Nock Moon Green 3pk
8 x QuietKat Apex 10 Camo 19" Frame
1 x Arctic Shield Heat Echo Loft Vest Realtree Edge Large
1 x Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Package Muddy Girl LH
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