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Hot Shot Aborigine Blowgun 36"[1001201]

Hot Shot Aborigine Blowgun 36\"

Hot Shot Aborigine Blowgun 36"[1001201]

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The Aborigine Blowgun features a 40 caliber barrel constructed of aircraft aluminum. Tough and durable plastic components consist of a safety mouthpiece, nozzle and 4 quivers for holding darts. The push-thru quiver holds 16 tapered point darts, 2 black widow snap-in quivers each hold 10 broadhead or tapered point darts and 1 snap-in stun dart quiver holds 10 stun darts. The accessory package contains 16 tapered point darts, 10 broadhead darts, 10 plastic broadhead tips and 8 plastic stun darts along with a paper target.

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