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B3 3D Sight RH[1401592]

B3 3D Sight RH

B3 3D Sight RH[1401592]

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The B3 3D sight features a 6” extension bar with click-in precision locators, and a fast-pitch elevation rod for lightning fast and precise yardage settings. There are 6 macro-elevation positions for vertical body, combined with 2 1/2 inches of travel. Features elevation that can be used with or without a click, all-machined metal parts with no molded plastics, the most precise micro-adjust windage unit available; under .001 per click with no excess travel, multiple axis adjustments, dual adjustable indicators, removable yardage plates on both sides for easy sight scale installation and proprietary machining of nut housing with adjustable tolerances.

UPC: 850001576420