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Sims AlphaShox Split Limbsaver Black.[LS22953]

Sims AlphaShox Split Limbsaver Black.

Sims AlphaShox Split Limbsaver Black.[LS22953]

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Sims AlphaShox Split Limbsaver Black

Designed specifically for maximum performance on all existing and NEW 2005 Hoyt¨ Split Limb Bows with their patented 3/4" spacing, this new design allows easy installation without requiring additional brackets. The LimbSaver¨ AlphaShoxfits snugly between Hoyt's¨ split limbs, demolishing any excess vibration and noise. The result? An absolute smoother, quieter, more accurate shot, every shot! The LimbSaver¨ AlphaShox strategic design is incredibly sleek and low profile, and allows for 10 full linear inches of NAVCOM¨ material. The innovative design also allows the NAVCOM¨ to work independently, which more efficiently and effectively cancels excess vibration and noise. Length: 2.48". Width: 1.42". Height: 1.24". Weight: 37 grams ea. Price per pair.

Mfg Number: 3432

UPC: 697438034327