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Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 Pin Sight RH/LH[BSTR002]

Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 Pin Sight RH/LH

Trophy Ridge Cypher 3 Pin Sight RH/LH[BSTR002]

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The Trophy Ridge Cypher 3-pin bow sight is a full featured bow sight that's available at an economical price.

The Cypher is reversible to fit both right and left handed archers, and provides an offset mount to accommodate high or low anchor points. For sighting in, the Cypher is handy for fine tuning wherever you are with the tool-less windage and elevation adjustment feature.

The precision aligned bubble level mounted securely inside the pin housing helps level the second axis of the bow to ensure pins are vertical for longer distances. The three fiber optic pins are kept bright by fiber optic fibers wound in the clear fiber optic ring around the house. For low light conditions, simply turn on the included rheostat sight light for crisp, radiant pins.