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Wildgame Acorn Rage Burst Scent[WG1401377]

Wildgame Acorn Rage Burst Scent

Wildgame Acorn Rage Burst Scent[WG1401377]

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We all have different strategies when it comes to patterning and holding game. One thing we can all agree on: deer love acorns. Acorn Rage® Burst crams 100 bursts of super potent acorn scent into an easy-to-use aerosol can. The precise micro-nozzle quietly directs the spray exactly where you want it -- not on skin, clothes or gear. A single drop of Acorn Rage Burst scent immediately dissolves into 3,000 particles to send an irresistible acorn aroma traveling far and fast. It's incredibly powerful, and it's a deer scent they'll love all year long.

Mfg Number: WLD448


UPC: 850695004483