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Bowhunters Superstore is not just an online catalog of products in a's a real pro shop staffed with true archery professionals in the heart of bow hunting country. The people that select and sell the products are hunting and archery enthusiasts with decades of experience and credentials, including national and international archery championships.


These people, their knowledge and skill, and their passion for the sport is invaluable in helping you find the right products that fit your passion.

Archery and Bow Hunting Sales

Archery Sales

Bowhunters Superstore offers a wide variety of bows in stock for archers of all skill sype and age range. Our extensive line of products includes dealer-exclusive products from brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, PSE, Bear, Diamond and Mission.


We continue to expand our presence as a crossbow retailer and offer the most current, cutting edge and fastest models available today from manufacturers you trust, including TenPoint, Ravin, Wicked Ridge, Excalibur, Bear Archery and SYKD Hunt.


Our dedicated team of professionals will teach you how to safely operate your equipment and will offer industry tips and techniques they have acquired during their archery careers. 

Equipment Setup

Our staff has over 50 years of industry experience. We truly enjoy helping new hunters with their first setup and preparing them for their first season in the woods.


Proper draw length and draw weight are essential for a new archer. We make sure everyone who purchases a new bow is fit perfectly. Our trained professionals will measure you for fit, help you determine what bow is right for you, and setup you up for success. We will walk you through choosing each accessory for your new setup, teach you how to use it, and have you hitting the mark when you walk out the door.  

Hunting bow and crossbow setup and configuration
Archery and hunting equipment service and repair

Service and Repair

Whether you are a compound, crossbow, or traditional archer our staff of professionals are highly qualified to assist with any technical work you may have. We recommend bringing your bow or crossbow to our pro shop for a yearly tune-up in preparation of the upcoming hunting season.


A tune-up should be done to maintain your bows performance and assessed for any replacement parts. Typically (based on how much you shoot your bow or crossbow) strings and cables should be replaced yearly along with lubing your axles. Once your yearly maintenance has been performed, we suggest checking the tune of your bow. Checking the tune of your bow can consist of (but not limited to) timing of the bow, checking the nocking point, tiller, and arrow tune.

Upgrades and Optimization

Looking to sharpen your skills in preparation for this upcoming season? We are here for you! Our staff can assist you on any upgrades to your existing setup or optimize your bow’s performance.


We are happy to help paper tune new arrows, sight in your broadheads, or add items to your existing setup that offer you an extra edge. Try a micro adjustable sight or rest, a new peep sight with a verifier for clearer pins, or an auto-range finding scope for your crossbow to increase your accuracy.


Whatever equipment that’s needed to enhance the performance of your setup or individual components, our team is here to assist you the entire way through the process.

Hunting and archery equipment upgrades
Indoor Archery Shooting Range

Try Before You Buy

We offer an indoor archery range where customers are encouraged to test fire new equipment before making a purchase to ensure that they have selected the best product for them. We feel that “try before you buy” translates directly to customer satisfaction.


We strive to properly and technically educate each customer to ensure they are confident in their purchase prior to leaving our facility. Each customer is properly fit for draw length, draw weight, and are taught the technical features of their new equipment purchase. We will dedicate the time needed to properly fit and customize your new bow or crossbow in our 20 yard indoor range to ensure it is optimized for your shooting or hunting needs.


Utilizing the “hands on” approach, our team will assist you with multiple variables such as selecting the proper arrow spine, broadhead tuning or testing an additional accessory to optimize your performance. Our team of dedicate professionals will demonstrate and instruct you how to safely operate your equipment and offer industry tips and techniques we've acquired during our archery careers.  

Firearm Sales

After introducing firearms to our assortment a few years ago, we have continued to expand our selection of firearms and ammunition to meet the demands of our customers. Today, we stock over 200 firearms that include handguns, rifles, and shotguns in many calibers or gauges. We stock three main categories of weapons; personal defense, hunting and sport shooting. In addition to new firearm sales, we also purchase and sell used firearms in our pro shop.


We continue to add more brands to our store, and we currently carry key brands such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Remington, Winchester, Benelli, Stoeger, Mossberg, Black Rain, Angstadt Arms.


Our dedicated professionals have many years of shooting experience and knowledge to assist customers as they have logged thousands of hours on the range and in the field. Our team will passionately assist customers in selecting a new firearm based on shooters preferences and experience, provide proper firearm maintenance and discuss how to safely store and handle your weapon. 

Firearm and Ammunition Sales