Products from Kirschner

  • Kirschners Rutting Type Lure Kirschners Rutting Type Lure


    Kirschners Rutting Type Lure

    This lure is a full strength sex driving attractant and is extremely effective during the rutting season. The old standby that draws deer, like honey draws bees.

    $10.99 - $20.99
  • Kirschners Premium Lure Kirschners Premium Lure


    Kirschners Premium Lure

    This lure collected from the dominant doe when in estrus, during the month of November. Refrigerator kept until bottled when a second ingredient (interdigital gland secretion) is added. A...

    $12.99 - $22.99
  • Kirschners Trailmaker Lure Kirschners Trailmaker Lure


    Kirschners Trailmaker Lure

    Trailmaker contains secretions from interdigital glands which allows deer to find each other. Simulate a trail of a doe just beginning or going out of the estrus period.

    $10.99 - $20.99
  • Kirschners Curiosity Lure Kirschners Curiosity Lure


    Kirschners Curiosity Lure

    Curiosity Lure is a new natural pheromone solution that all deer are attracted to before the rut. We guarantee that it will attract all deer toward your location from 40 yards in an undisturbed area,...

    $10.99 - $15.99